How to Buy Our Books: ePub3 Versions

If you are going to be working only on Apple devices, we strongly recommend you buy the iBooks version, as it has a smaller file size, as well as a little more capability. However, if you want to work across platforms, you will need to ePub3 version. See the discussion on buying through iBooks here.

You can buy the ePub3 ebook at the Wollindina Media Store. Go to the Wollindina Media Store at this location:  

You will need to create an account for the Store, so that you can buy books, and you can also receive our newsletter. When a book that you have bought is updates, you will be sent an e-mail announcing the update, so that you can return to the Store, log in to your account and download an updated copy. Therefore, keep your e-mail address current, so that we can contact you when each update.