John Bossler

John D. Bossler is a consultant who retired from The Ohio State University where he was a Professor and Director of the Center for Mapping.  Prior to that Dr. Bossler was the Director of the Coast and Geodetic Survey (C & GS) and the National Geodetic Survey (NGS).  As Director of C & GS, he was an Admiral in the NOAA Commissioned Corps. He is Past President of ACSM, ASCE (Surveying section), AGU (Geodesy Section) and GITA, and a member of ASPRS, PLSO and URISA.

He was awarded the Department of Commerce Gold medal, The Distinguished Civil Engineer for 2015 from the University of Pittsburgh, the ASCE Surveying and Mapping award, several ACSM presidential and Ohio State University awards.

He has edited or authored three books:

Surveying, by Moffitt and Bossler

Manual of Geospatial Science and Technology (edited by Bossler) and

Leveling and Vertical Location, by Bossler and Hazelton.

He has written over 100 papers on surveying, geodesy and related subjects.

He is licensed as an engineer in Maryland and as a surveyor in Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania and the state of Washington.

He was Project Manager and principal architect of the North American Geodetic Datum of 1983. He fostered the initial use of the Global Positioning System for geodetic surveying. He was the architect of the GPS Van technology and the integration of GPS, IMS and digital cameras.

You can visit his consulting website's home page.