Wollindina Media primarily published electronic books.

Our first publication is the Textbook Series Surveying: Foundation of Geomatics, by John D. Bossler and N.W.J. Hazelton.

The first volume of this series has been released and information about it can be found here.

Information about our books can be under the Books menu item, here.

Wollindina Media sells its electronic books through the Apple iBooks Store, and so these are available in the various territories that the Store covers. A map of these territories can be found under the Territories menu item, or by clicking/tapping here.

Materials to help instructors use the books in their classes can be found under the Support Materials menu, here.

Many of the images from within the books will be available from the Wollindina Media Store. You can get there using the Book Images menu item, or by clicking/tapping here.

We also publish programs for HP calculators. These programs can be found under the HP Calculators menu item or by clicking/tapping here.