PayPal Arrangements

PayPal Arrangements

Paypal provides payment services for this store, for everything other than checks/cheques and money orders. These latter should be send directly to the Publisher.

PayPal provides a wide range of financial services to our customers, services that the Publishers are not in a position to offer. PayPal can accept almost all credit cards, can offer financing (including 6 months interest-free payment terms), allows customers to pay directly from a bank account, and deals with currency exchange. It also offers its own branded credit cards and a range of additional financial services.

If you already have an account with PayPal, you probably already know what they can offer. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can create one as part of the checking-out process.

Please be aware that there is a definite and clear separation between Wollindina Media and PayPal. You payment information (credit card details, bank account details, etc.) are handled by PayPal. This information does not come to Wollindina Media, is not stored on our system, and so is as secure as PayPal's system. PayPal notifies us of successful payment and we release the book for download, or add the gift certificate to your account. This part of the system includes no financial information associated with any customer.

PayPal and Wollindina Media have no connection other than PayPal providing a service for which Wollindina Media pays a fee. For Wollindina Media, PayPal allows customers to pay for goods using a global payment company with the highest level of security, without Wollindina Media having to worry about security and financial services.

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